Jennifer Aniston Masters Awkward Chris Stark Interview — Watch

Jennifer Aniston is not only a seasoned professional, she’s also a class act. She encountered an adorably awkward interview with the now infamous Chris Stark of BBC Radio 1’s The Scott Mills Show (see Mila Kunis), and her responses are sure to make this a viral sensation. Stark asked a series of unintentionally ridiculous questions, and Aniston answered them all. Haven’t you always wanted to know if Jennifer Aniston has a ‘free pass’ list in her relationship with Justin Theroux? After all, isn’t that a little too easy to accomplish given her celebrity status? Watch below to find out her answer. As an aside, doesn’t this squeaky kid remind you a little of Hugh Grant?

‘We’re the Millers’ — Movie Review

WE'RE THE MILLERSA gratuitous stripper scene is always welcome, and Jennifer Aniston does the job well. Unfortunately, that might be the only shocking moment in this Rated R flick, which is a shame considering the rating only serves to unnecessarily lock out a huge part of the public.

The film follows David Burke, a small-time pot dealer who agrees to smuggle drugs across the Mexican border after his entire stash was stolen. He commissions a local stripper named Rose (Jennifer Aniston) to play his wife, in hopes that a faux family might help avert border patrol from any suspicion. He also convinces two troubled teens to act as his children, and the usual antics ensue when just about everything goes wrong.

There’s not much to say about this film other than it’s mildly entertaining with mediocre jokes and an enjoyable cast. But it could have been funnier. That being said, I’d still recommend it. It’s a good enough distraction from your Sunday stroll.