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September 2010



Celebrity Look-Alikes: Tony Curtis and Ray Liotta

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I’ve learned a couple of things about Tony Curtis since his recent death.  First, I learned he’s Jamie Lee Curtis’ father (which I am embarrassed to admit I never knew).  Second, I learned that he bears a striking resemblance to Ray Liotta.  Sure I’m bad at the look-alike game, but I’ve Googled this one and at least three people on the internet agree.  That counts for something!  If you have never seen a Tony Curtis movie, I would encourage you to rent Some Like it Hot.

UPDATE: Roger Ebert wrote a very beautiful tribute to Tony Curtis on his website.  Here’s my favorite line: “The thing about Curtis was, here was a truly great star, a legend, who had a big libido but not a big ego.”

  • susan

    There have to be some relationship between the two.  They look too much a like.

  • God

    Ray Liotta should played Tony Curtis’ last role as tycoon Frank Phillips because Curtis had died or did he shot his scenes before he died?

  • Phoenix Eagle

    Im just watching a movie on tv with ray liotta in soon as i saw him i thought of tony they look so much alike.