The Addams Family Musical Rakes in Money Despite Negative Reviews

This surprised me.  I’m not surprised that ticket buyers would ignore the critics, just that they’d actually want to see this musical.  I’m almost always against remaking movies into Broadway musicals, and this one was no exception.  I guess I’m the only one though.  The show garnered $15 million in advance sales, and made close to a million dollars opening weekend on top of that.  I think that we have Nathan Lane to blame thank for this.  He plays Gomez and is probably the draw needed to get the show up and running.  I’m just so sick of the Addams Family.  It started as a cartoon, then became a TV series, and four films later, we are now at the Broadway musical.  Did I mention that Tim Burton is making an animated film too?  Sigh . . . the family you can’t get rid of.  

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