American Idol Bandleader ‘Rickey Minor’ – Pissed at Producers

TMZ reports that ‘American Idol’ bandleader, Rickey Minor, was furious with producers for not mentioning him during last night’s finale.  Minor is leaving ‘Idol’ to head-up Jay Leno’s band on ‘The Tonight Show,’ and last night was his last show.  He’s been with ‘Idol’ for six seasons, and I’m sure he expected that producers would bid him a public farewell.  So was this an oversight or a deliberate snub?  It wouldn’t surprise me if it was an oversight, given that the producers of the show can’t even figure out how to run it on time, let alone plan a proper finale.  That being said, the ‘Idol’ band gets a lot of flak from the judges, who constantly say things to the contestants like “I didn’t  like the arrangement, or “I loved that song until the band kicked in.”  So has there been bad blood all along? 

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