Ed Norton Wants to Appear in ‘The Avengers’ – What a Hypocrite!

Ed Norton must be the world class king of hypocrisy.  When asked if he would appear in the upcoming superhero showdown film, ‘The Avengers,’ he said that the fans need to tell Marvel that they want him in it.  Have we all forgotten how Ed Norton shunned promotion of ‘The Hulk,’ which I think is a large reason that the film under-performed at the Box Office?  Norton reportedly wanted access to the editing room, and Marvel wouldn’t allow it.  When Marvel released its version of the film without Norton’s input, he acted like a pouty little 5th grader and refused to do the talk show circuit.  Gee, any idea why he is now willing to do such a big budget movie?  

One thought on “Ed Norton Wants to Appear in ‘The Avengers’ – What a Hypocrite!”

  1. Ed Norton is the perfect Bruce Banner and he had every right to speak against the Hulk movie. They wanted to release a film that was more based on action, rather than story. The director wanted to release a different cut that both he and Edward liked better, but Marvel refused and suffered in the Box office for it. The film too closely followed the same mistakes Ang Lee made in the first movie, focusing more on "Hulk smash" rather than the Hulk dilemma. All of the Marvel fans clearly want to see Edward Norton reprise his role, and hopefully play the Bruce Banner the way that he wanted to. It only makes sense that Norton wants to follow the fans wishes rather than hold a vendetta against Marvel for choices that were not his own.

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