‘Private Practice’ Spoiler – Shonda Rimes Discusses Why She Killed a Main Character Off

Mike Ausiello sat down with Shonda Rimes to discuss why she killed Chris Lowell/Dell off the show.  She said it was a difficult choice to make, but it was a “mutual decision,” based on the fact that it just wasn’t fair to have such a good actor on the show just to “hand out charts.”  First of all, I highly doubt the decision was mutual.  What actor would willingly leave a show that pays him a large sum of money, because his character isn’t going anywhere (oops – I forgot about T.R. Knight.  I’m sensing a pattern)?  Second, was it necessary to kill him off in such a horrible way, leaving a young, orphaned daughter?  This is classic Shonda Rimes.  She takes a great, fun show, and when the writing gets stale, she writes in some bombs, murders, and car crashes.  Go back and watch the first season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’  It was a fantastic show that didn’t make you want to cry and jump off a cliff by the end of each episode.  Plus, I liked Dell. 

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