Private Practice Rape Episode — I Object

I have a lot to say about the much publicized Private Practice rape episode, so get comfortable.  I have been watching television for most of my life, because it’s an escape.  It’s meant for entertainment.  It’s meant to take me out of my own world and put me in another.  I understand that there are many ways to entertain a fantasy world, but I don’t think any of those ways should include acting out rape on television.  It’s unnecessary, and it’s a very easy way to go.  KaDee Strickland promoted the episode on The View, where she said that she was honored to play the part, and that she spoke with many rape victims so that she could accurately portray the scene without offending anyone.  I don’t disagree that it was accurate, respectful, and risky.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that Shonda Rimes (the creator) makes very easy choices to produce the emotions she hopes to produce.  That includes giving characters cancer, killing off a man with a young daughter, and finally — getting someone raped.  You might think it was brave to write this episode — but I don’t — I think it was easy.  There’s a very loathed writing practice that they tell you about in film school, and it’s called “kick-the-dog.”  In a nutshell, it means that writers often execute the very cheap tactic of letting the audience know that a character is bad, by having that character kick a dog.  It’s easy and looked down upon because there are many other more creative ways to inform the audience about a character, and having him kick a dog is an easy way out.  I consider Shonda’s writing to fall within the kick-the-dog umbrella.  Think of another way to create emotion, and another way to create drama.

‘Private Practice’ Spoiler – Shonda Rimes Discusses Why She Killed a Main Character Off

Mike Ausiello sat down with Shonda Rimes to discuss why she killed Chris Lowell/Dell off the show.  She said it was a difficult choice to make, but it was a “mutual decision,” based on the fact that it just wasn’t fair to have such a good actor on the show just to “hand out charts.”  First of all, I highly doubt the decision was mutual.  What actor would willingly leave a show that pays him a large sum of money, because his character isn’t going anywhere (oops – I forgot about T.R. Knight.  I’m sensing a pattern)?  Second, was it necessary to kill him off in such a horrible way, leaving a young, orphaned daughter?  This is classic Shonda Rimes.  She takes a great, fun show, and when the writing gets stale, she writes in some bombs, murders, and car crashes.  Go back and watch the first season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’  It was a fantastic show that didn’t make you want to cry and jump off a cliff by the end of each episode.  Plus, I liked Dell. 

Spoilers on Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and Private Practice

On Grey’s Anatomy, Mark is evidently going to try and get Lexie back. Does this mean that we’ll never see that awful blonde hair on the show again? Shonda Rimes tells TV Guide that “there is a very surprising, very lovely moment coming where Mark takes a stand and makes a play for Lexie.”

Gossip Girl fans can either rejoice or get angry. Billy Baldwin will return to the show to stir up trouble. Because the show films in New York and he lives in Los Angeles, his appearances will be scattered.

Does Maya die on Private Practice?  Apparently not.  Someone will though.  Keep the guesses coming and watch the promo below for a hint.

‘Private Practice’ Spoiler – What Happens to Mya?

It looks like Shonda Rimes is up to her old tricks again.  And by “old tricks,” I mean taking what was once a fun show and turning it into something so depressing that you want to kill yourself by the end of the episode.  Watch a clip from next week’s episode below.