Movie Review: The Avengers

Joss Whedon is a genius. He not only made a great film, but he also successfully reinvigorated four suffering franchises. That’s an epic move for Marvel, who will now be able to capitalize on the missteps of other directors, who caused significant damage to Hollywood’s biggest money-makers (see ‘Iron Man 2’ and Edward Norton’s ‘The Hulk’). The plot might actually be less important than the dialogue. All you need to know is someone is trying to destroy the world, and The Avengers are commissioned to prevent it. Their unity proves to be a hilariously difficult task, and they often spend more time fighting each other than the enemy. Does it get better than Iron Man insulting Thor’s dated manner of speaking, or everyone insulting The Hulk’s awful temper? The beauty of this film is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s an action film worth every penny, which is something difficult to achieve in such an ailing economy.


Robert Downey Jr. on Jay Leno — Hotness Overload

I feel a special connection with Robert Downey Jr. given our extensive love affair that’s been going on for years in my mind. Watch him on Jay Leno promoting The Avengers, and you too might fall in love. Hands-off though — he’s exclusive to The Dishmaster’s fantasy-man list.

Ed Norton Wants to Appear in ‘The Avengers’ – What a Hypocrite!

Ed Norton must be the world class king of hypocrisy.  When asked if he would appear in the upcoming superhero showdown film, ‘The Avengers,’ he said that the fans need to tell Marvel that they want him in it.  Have we all forgotten how Ed Norton shunned promotion of ‘The Hulk,’ which I think is a large reason that the film under-performed at the Box Office?  Norton reportedly wanted access to the editing room, and Marvel wouldn’t allow it.  When Marvel released its version of the film without Norton’s input, he acted like a pouty little 5th grader and refused to do the talk show circuit.  Gee, any idea why he is now willing to do such a big budget movie?