Catherine Zeta Jones and Scarlett Johansson Get a Written Smackdown For Snubbing Tony Reporters

According to the Los Angeles Times, both Scarlett Johansson and Catherine Zeta-Jones angered reporters at the Tony Awards, when they abruptly bolted without giving interviews.  It’s apparently standard practice for winners to grant interviews after the show, and all of the non-Hollywood stars/true theater actors, gladly spoke with the press.  To be fair, Broadway has never taken kindly to the Hollywood crossover, so it’s possible that these girls are getting picked on, but this news certainly doesn’t surprise me.  There are just so many great parties to attend after the show – and . . . well they already got their statue.  Oh yeah – and isn’t Broadway lucky to have them in the first place?  Perhaps next time the press should find a way to hold that statue hostage until after they interview.  Alright – I’ve retired from Hollywood bashing for today.

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