‘Elf’ Broadway Musical in the Works – Santa is Crying

You know what’s worse than the creatively vapid town of Hollywood taking an old movie that everyone loves and remaking it just for the money?  Well, the creatively vapid town of New York taking an old movie that no one loves and remaking it into a Broadway show.  A stage adaptation of the Jon Favreau/Will Ferrell film, ‘Elf’,  is in the works, and I can’t think of a worse idea.  It’s easy to explain how something like this happens when you understand how a show makes its way to Broadway.  The simple answer?  Money.  And it takes a lot less effort to get a group of rich investors to put their dough into a project that already has a “name.”  Start drafting those North Pole letters early.

3 thoughts on “‘Elf’ Broadway Musical in the Works – Santa is Crying”

  1. i liked the movie, but that’s because I think Will Farrell is hilarious. A Broadway show is just a ridiculous idea, and a musical is an even more horrendous idea! Come on, Broadway: doesn’t anyone have any NEW ideas???

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