Cyndi Lauper is Co-Writing a Book – Without a “Ghost Writer”

Cyndi Lauper appeared on Howard Stern and revealed that she’s co-writing a book.  I would like to give Cyndi major props for foregoing the “ghost writer” route.  Celebrities often pen memoirs with co-writers, and the co-writer goes unmentioned in an effort to portray the celebrity as an actual writer.  I’ve made it clear time and time again that I am majorly against doing so.  “Ghost-writing” is just a fancy form of plagiarism, and it’s also incredibly selfish not to credit someone that helped your success.  A great example of this is Neil Strauss, who became extremely well-known after writing Motley Crue’s story, ‘The Dirt.’ Why not afford other writers that same opportunity?  I imagine Strauss would not have stood for the ghost-writing suggestion, but if he was given the same opportunity in the current climate of writing – who knows.   I think writers these days are just happy to have a paycheck, so they don’t mind having their name left off the byline.  It’s time to bring an end to this though.  And I’m happy to report that Cindy Lauper agrees.

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