Jerry Seinfeld Calls Lady Gaga a Jerk – I Agree (Listen)

Jerry Seinfeld revealed during a radio interview with Steve Somers what he thinks of Lady Gaga’s behavior at Shea Stadium.  “She’s a jerk,” he said.  And he doesn’t understand how giving the finger gets you upgraded to better seats.  Specifically, his seats.  Furthermore, Seinfeld takes issue with the middle-finger use altogether, saying it’s not only an out-dated form of expression, but it’s also only two fingers away from the thumbs-up, which doesn’t make much sense.  He also said that all publicity is not necessarily good publicity and, “you could die of exposure.”  Well, there you have it.  Next time you act like an asshole, I think it’s best to take the box of someone a little less well-known and comedically crafty.  All I had to lead with was the A-word.  He’s definitely better at this game.  If you want to hear his full interview, click the link below.  You have to fast forward to the very end though to hear the Gaga talk.

Seinfeld Interview

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