Kim Kardashian Sparks Breastfeeding Outrage – Leave Her Alone!

Kim Kardashian took to twitter to express her outrage about a mother that was breast-feeding her child in public without a cover.  Before I explain my position on this controversy, I’d like to give you an example to help illustrate my point.  I have a close girlfriend that was a professional dancer her entire life (no – not a stripper).  Every time I go to her house, she gets naked for one reason or another.  The last time I saw her, she asked me to get to her house an hour before we were set to go dancing, to help her pick out an outfit.  What happened next?  You guessed it.  She got naked and started fishing through her closet.  While I was initially shocked by this whole thing, I now understand it.  My friend has been getting naked at random moments her entire life for shows.  Last minute changes, a million different outfits, etc . . . She’s desensitized.  I equate this same syndrome to mothers that breast feed in public without covers.  You are so used to whipping the boob out, that you no longer think it could make the people around you uncomfortable.  It’s still a boob though.  And it still will make people uneasy, especially at a restaurant.  There is a way to cover the boob without suffocating the baby, so do it.  No one is being insensitive to motherhood by saying so.  Furthermore, Kim Kardashian explicitly took issue to the lack of a coverage, and not to the act of breast feeding in public altogether, so just be sure to get the story straight.

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