Seth Rogen v. Entourage – Who Started it?

TV Guide revealed that Seth Rogen was initially considered for the role of Turtle on Entourage.  This news is so fascinating because of the contentious relationship Rogen has with the show.  You might remember an Entourage episode where Turtle referred to Seth Rogen’s ugliness as “oddly fascinating.”  Rogen wasn’t pleased with the mention, and subsequently called Executive Producer Doug Ellin, a “moron” and an “asshole.”   The TV Guide article drew my attention though, because it exposed that Seth Rogen is actually responsible for starting this feud in the first place.  It all began with a 2008 interview with GQ, when Rogen said that Entourage “isn’t funny,” which obviously angered Ellin enough to write an episode about Rogen’s “ugliness.”  I’m not sure why Rogen would feel the need to gratuitously insult a show he has nothing to do with.  I also don’t know why Rogen played the victim regarding this episode, given that he started it.  What happened to the good old days when men used to fist fight?  Do you think these guys cried to their mommies at some point during this “feud”?

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