The New York Post Hates Elliot Spitzer: Haven’t You Both Paid Ashley Dupre?

The New York Post has had a lot of fun launching grenades at Elliot Spitzer, and the news of his CNN gig is no exception. Though there is no outright name-calling, just take some time to read between the lines. They often refer to Spitzer as a “disgraced” former Governor, along with a needless explanation about his liason with a hooker/Ashley Dupre. Here’s my issue: aren’t you the same guys that hired Ashley Dupre to write your sex column? The Post presumably hired Dupre to write ‘Ask Ashley’, because Rupert Murdoch allegedly hates Spitzer, and likely thought that keeping Dupre in the public’s consciousness would prevent him from ever running for office again. While that’s pretty crafty on Murdoch’s part, you’re both paying Dupre for services rendered.  That’s not to say that the Post has a problem with hypocrisy. I’ve attached two example articles below, and I’ve labeled them “exhibits” so that I can at least get some use out of this whole being-a-lawyer thing. Sigh . . .

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

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