Today’s Gripe: The ABC Full Episode Player is HORRIBLE

So I crawled into bed at the end of my very long day to watch one of my favorite girly, guilty pleasures: ‘The View.’  Much to my horror, I discovered that the ABC full episode player is not working.  Now you might ask yourself why didn’t I just watch ‘The View’ on HULU?  Well, good question.  Because ‘The View’ is on a one day delay on HULU, and I’m the fucking DISHMASTER!  I can’t watch shows on a one day delay! (note to self: calm down).  Anyways, I was forced to go to the worst website on the planet known as  In case ABC or any other network is wondering why HULU is so popular – I will enlighten you.  It is not because it provides streamlined access to free television shows.  It is because the video player actually works!  Did I mention that HULU, unlike ABC, does not make me click a million ridiculous buttons before getting to the episode player?  I apologize for wasting my readers time with this, but I simply have no other choice.  I have emailed ABC directly about this problem numerous times, to no avail.  And since I have personal knowledge of the fact that networks get their panties in a tizzy over negative bloggers, I had to use this oh so powerful blog to express my dismay.  DONE!

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