Audrina Patridge Eliminated Early From DWTS — I Blame Tony Dovolani

Every single time someone prematurely gets eliminated from a television competition, people speculate that viewers assumed the contestant would be safe, and therefore didn’t vote.  This conspiracy theory includes Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani, who were eliminated from Dancing With the Stars, despite Audrina’s very obvious talent as a dancer.  So what’s the real reason she was eliminated?  Well, it isn’t just about talent alone, and I’m surprised I have to explain this after so many seasons of the show.  It’s about the personality of both the professional dancer and the celebrity, and without a strong combination, they’re doomed.  There’s a reason that the same professionals win every year, and it isn’t luck.  On Monday’s show, Tony Dovolani further confirmed his disdain for the judges, and I think it was enough to piss off the voting public.  When the judges told Audrina that she “lacked passion” on her face, Tony said that he knew the judges missed it, but he’s certain the viewers at home saw it and will vote for him.  Big mistake.  Don’t insult the judges.  Neither Tony nor Maksim Chmerkovskiy have won Dancing With the Stars, and both of them have a history of talking back to the judges.  America wants to see that you are deserving of the trophy, which includes being able to accept criticism.  Until then — you’ll continue to lose — no matter how talented your partner.

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One thought on “Audrina Patridge Eliminated Early From DWTS — I Blame Tony Dovolani”

  1. I dont think she (Audrina) has ANY talent as a dancer. I know how to tango, and she has no passion.

    Thank you for the vote off America!

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