Breaking News: I Don’t Care About Lindsay Lohan

With the news that Lindsay Lohan is “doing well” at her fifth try at rehab, I’d like to officially proclaim that this is my last post dedicated exclusively to her. I would also like to politely ask the Hollywood media to start actually reporting on Hollywood, instead of washed-up actors that are only making the papers because of their bad behavior. It’s true that the girl has a considerable amount of decent movies under her belt at a young age (Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls), and I appreciate that she’s actually famous for something, unlike Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, who are famous for nothing. Having said that, it’s been a full six years since she’s had a quality role, and until then, I’m declaring a moratorium on Lohan coverage. That includes every Lohan, such as her parents (Michael and Dina Lohan), who are equally guilty for capitalizing on their daughter’s fame. Celebrities should not make money off their terrible behavior. So when Lohan exits rehab and starts selling pictures for thousands of dollars of her “reformed self,” I encourage everyone not to look at them. I will try my best to adhere to my own rule.  I’ve posted a very old picture of Lindsay on the right, to remember the days when she was promoting something positive.

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