Courtney Love “Accidentally” Posts Naked Photo on Twitter — Removes Account

Remember my post below about celebrities that should not make the press for their bad behavior?  That applies everyone except Courtney Love, whose bad behavior is just so original and interesting.  Courtney Love posted a naked picture of herself on twitter, and the blogosphere erupted with very mean comments about how terrible she looks.  Ordinarily I would feel sorry for her, but she really did look terrible.  If you’re going to post a naked picture, you might as well ensure that you have the proper lighting, because just about everyone can look good in the dark — trust me, I know.  Love’s excuse?  She “accidentally” posted the picture, and it was really intended for her boyfriend.  I would first like to advise Courtney that even your boyfriend deserves good lighting and the proper angle.  I’d also like to point out that her excuse is terrible.  She clearly has “poster’s remorse.”  Also — please come back to twitter — your antics are welcome.

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