Mark Salling Releases Video — Glee Mystery of His Firing is Solved

About one month ago, I single-handedly broke the story that Mark Salling had been fired from Glee for recording an album in violation of his contract. Because  The Dishmaster is a newly launched blog, my story didn’t get any legs until the new season of Glee began to air, and folks started to notice that Salling was missing in action. They arrived at my blog after Googling his whereabouts, and then other (more known blogs) ripped my story off as though it was their own (are you listening Hollywood Life?). Salling’s camp publicly denied the story, ensuring that he’d be back for episode six. I can only guess that his camp worked it out internally, and he was merely forced to sit on the bench for a few episodes as punishment. I stewed about my story being ripped off (with no credit) for days, and then picked myself up off the floor, and began to read the news again. Today, I stumbled across Salling’s new video, and it finally occurred to me why Ryan Murphy was so pissed at Mark Salling for his album, yet he’s fine with the other cast members releasing their own music. Salling’s album isn’t “Glee-rific” to put it kindly. Listen below, and let me know if you can read between the lines.

Update: The video has been completely removed. Gee, I wonder why.

3 thoughts on “Mark Salling Releases Video — Glee Mystery of His Firing is Solved”

    1. It’s super disappointing. But they only stole after I got a massive amount
      of hits on my own blog, so at least I got some exposure. It’s still a huge
      bummer though. I guess the bigger blogs aren’t interest in helping the
      smaller ones — just in ripping them off and running with their stories.

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