Glee Cast Strips for GQ Photo-Shoot — Is this Necessary?

What do you do when your show is successful? Take pictures of the female cast members in their underwear, of course.  Dianna Agron and Lea Michele took some very racy pictures for GQ Magazine, presumably because the photographer is an unoriginal pervert who could only think of taking sexual photos.  I’m curious how the conversation went.  Here’s what I imagine: “Hey Lea and Dianna, you know what would be really great?  If you just stripped down to your underwear and posed with a come-fu*k-me face.”  This isn’t the first time Lea Michele has posed in her underwear, so I’m guessing she’s comfortable with it.  For the life of me I’ll never understand why actresses feel the need to sexualize themselves in the entertainment industry.  Reese Witherspoon might be the only celebrity that refuses to do it, and I’m sure she’s endlessly propositioned.  By the way, isn’t Glee a family show?  To see the pictures in question, click the link below.


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