Cheryl Burke Upset With Paparazzi for Publicizing Her Weight Gain

Call me a heartless prick, but I love to see pictures of celebrities when they gain weight.  It’s not because I enjoy the misery of others, it’s just that I’d like to believe that celebrities are sans cellulite because they have the time to spend the entire day doing squats.  So when pictures emerged of Cheryl Burke in a bikini looking larger than she did on Dancing With The Stars, I found it comforting.  I thought, “wow, Cheryl is a real human being that puts on weight during her breaks from the show.  Maybe now I won’t feel so bad about my gigantic ass.”  Unfortunately, Cheryl didn’t see it that way.   Instead, she’s said that those pictures forced her to go on an extreme diet and the paparazzi basically ruined her life.  So here’s my advice to Cheryl Burke: either get out of the kitchen or develop thicker skin (no pun intended).  Sensitive people don’t belong in this business — it’s way too cutthroat.

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