Jennifer Lopez Cries on American Idol — Has a Heart After All

For years Jennifer Lopez has fought her difficult-diva-reputation in Hollywood.  It’s impossible to decipher whether she’s actually a demanding celebrity, or whether she’s surrounded by a team of people with ridiculous demands on her behalf.  Sometimes actors are completely unaware that their teams make them look bad, and by the time they figure it out, the damage has been done in the press.  When Lopez decided to take the judge job on American Idol, I was initially against it.  I thought her star-power was too big for the show, and it would ruin her brand.  After watching the clip below, I’ve changed my mind.  Lopez had to reject a contestant with a heart-breaking back-story, and she didn’t take it well.  After the rejection, she cried (you know — the ugly cry where you’re embarrassed for people to look at you) and told Randy Jackson and Stephen Tyler that she felt “she didn’t say it the right way” and she just “didn’t want to say no.”  It’s fair to say that I officially like Jennifer Lopez, and I think it was a good choice to judge American Idol.  It chisels away her ice-queen reputation (pun intended), and it makes her likable.

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