Aaron Eckhart Tells Women’s Health Magazine He Likes an “Active” Woman — We’re Not Soul-Mates

Aaron Eckhart recently interviewed with Women’s Health Magazine to promote his new film, Battle: Los Angeles, and he told the magazine about his ideal woman, saying, “I love women who will play tennis with me, cycle with me, ski, snowboard, surf… any of it. A woman who takes care of herself turns me on.”  Just when I thought that a Jew and a Mormon could live happily ever after, my dreams were destroyed.  Aaron’s disclosure reminds me of the time I got asked out on a date by an “active” guy.  When he asked if I like mountain biking, I said, “of course.”  I’m not quite sure what tipped him off to my lie.  Perhaps it was when I couldn’t get over a hill and fell off the bike into a pile of mud.  Though I still fancy myself “athletic,” something tells me Aaron Eckhart won’t be playing tennis with me anytime soon.

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