Charlie Sheen’s Web-Cast — Just a Boring House-Party

Have you ever gone to a house party where everyone seems to be having a great time, and you’re looking for the nearest exit?  Such is the case with Charlie Sheen’s web-cast, which looked like the least happening shin-dig imaginable.  The only entertainment involved his overuse of the word “winning,” which never gets old.  Unless Sheen plans on releasing a porn involving his two “goddesses,” I’m not interested in any future broadcasting from his mansion.  As an aside, Charlie Sheen’s antics prove exactly why television networks make actors “exclusive” to the network in their contracts.  Now that Charlie Sheen is free from Two and a Half Men, he can be “funny” in real life.  Great for him, bad for us.  I imagine that if every actor was this legally free to pursue their creative fantasies, you might see some other A-listers going bat-sh#t-crazy.  Watch the “entertainment” below.

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