Nikki Sixx Angry at Facebook for Banning His Naked Pictures — Says “It’s Art”

Nikki Sixx is angry with the Facebook censors after deleting three photos he posted, which included: a 350 pound naked woman; a naked transgender man; and a girl with half her face burned off. He insisted that his photos were “art,” and he responded by posting half naked pictures of himself, which Facebook allowed. This reminds me of a very boring lecture on Dada given by my high school English teacher, which ended with me verbally badgering him about how a naked man covered in feathers while standing on a table in the middle of a museum — is not art. Apparently, Facebook agrees. Plus, if Nikki Sixx had his way, I imagine his theory would justify Facebook becoming a porn site. After all, isn’t porn “art?”

7 thoughts on “Nikki Sixx Angry at Facebook for Banning His Naked Pictures — Says “It’s Art””

  1. I’ll never forget my high school project on dada…I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, made an ass out of myself, and then got an A.

      1. Both you learned nothing! All my brilliant teaching gone to waste! Here’s the simple rule: It’s art if I say it is!

  2. Is porn art? If the porn is obscene, it is not art. Otherwise, I want to say porn is sometimes art. But it is a rich question.

  3. The human body is always art. It had always been that way. Google greek art and you’ll fing out.

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