Adele and Her Ex-Boyfriend Are Friends Again — NOOOOOOOOO!

If you’ve listened to Adele’s ’21’ album, then you’re well aware that she had her heart broken by the love of her life. In a recent interview, Adele revealed that they have reconnected, saying, “We’re becoming friends again. It’s alright, I know what I’m doing. Enough time has gone by.” Well Adele — The Dishmaster knows what you’re doing too — and we vote no on the bad idea. Though I’m all for staying Facebook friends with ex-boyfriends (because I’m “mature”), “becoming [real] friends again” sounds like emotional suicide. Here’s hoping (or not hoping) we get another album out of this one. I predict it will be titled ’23.’

Rihanna is Ass-Tastic on the Cover of Rolling Stone

Every so often when I get depressed about the size of my ass, I think of Rihanna, who has done a great job of representing how to look good with only a silver napkin covering her large butt-cheeks. Now if I can just borrow her Rolling Stone air-brusher, and then I’m ready for a new facebook profile picture! In her upcoming interview, Rihanna will discuss sexting and her attraction to bad-boys. Wow, there’s even more to learn than I originally thought! Who needs music talk when you can discuss talking dirty.

Nikki Sixx Angry at Facebook for Banning His Naked Pictures — Says “It’s Art”

Nikki Sixx is angry with the Facebook censors after deleting three photos he posted, which included: a 350 pound naked woman; a naked transgender man; and a girl with half her face burned off. He insisted that his photos were “art,” and he responded by posting half naked pictures of himself, which Facebook allowed. This reminds me of a very boring lecture on Dada given by my high school English teacher, which ended with me verbally badgering him about how a naked man covered in feathers while standing on a table in the middle of a museum — is not art. Apparently, Facebook agrees. Plus, if Nikki Sixx had his way, I imagine his theory would justify Facebook becoming a porn site. After all, isn’t porn “art?”