Celebrity Apprentice Debuts — Star Jones v. Everyone?

It always shocks me when celebrities appear on reality shows and openly broadcast their bad behavior.  In the case of Star Jones, it’s especially surprising.  First, Jones has some major career cleanup to do after being fired from The View and subsequently bad-mouthing the staff.  You would think she’d make a considerable effort to appear agreeable — even if she has to lie to do so.  If you watched the most recent episode of The Apprentice, then you know that Star Jones and Dionne Warwick were exceptionally disagreeable.  The challenge was to draft a children’s book, and both Star and Dionne insisted that they receive writing credit on the book apart from the team’s general credit.  If you’re familiar with entertainment contracts, then you know that credit is a big deal in the industry, so it’s understandable that both Star and Dionne would be knowledgeable of receiving separate credit.  That being said, this is faux task on Celebrity Apprentice and not a legitimate book deal for a major studio.  Their immaturity was ridiculous, as was their condescending conversations with team leader, Lisa Rinna. That brings me to my favorite line of the episode, which came from Lisa Rinna when she said, “those bitches are not going to take me down.”

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice Debuts — Star Jones v. Everyone?”

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