Star Jones Returns to ‘The View’ — Still Evasive

If you own your truth, no one can touch you. And Star Jones still hasn’t owned her truth. She returned to The View to squash the bad blood, yet she objected to Barbara Walters’ rehashing of her departure. I’m not sure how Star Jones thought she’d get away with dodging Queen Walters, but she certainly tried. “Are you seriously going to go there?” She asked. “Does anyone care?” Walters wouldn’t relent. “You may not care,” she said. “But you’re used to hot topics.” Jones gave a bunch of canned answers that fooled me into thinking she was running for office. Walters then asked Jones about her decision to hide her gastric bypass surgery. Jones still dodged the answer.

Star Jones on Joy Behar — No More Bad Blood?

Star Jones appeared on Joy Behar’s HLN show to promote her new book, Satan’s Sisters, and I was shocked to discover that she appeared agreeable and friendly. I’ve been picking on Star Jones a lot lately, mostly due to her poor behavior on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. I was also shocked to discover that this interview took place at all. Star left The View in a very dramatic fashion, disclosing to the press that she was “fired” and announcing her departure before the producers had originally planned. Translation? — She pissed everyone off. Since then, she’s apparently become PR savvy, because everyone knows if you want to clear your image, you return to the scene of the crime. Since she’s likely banned from The View for eternity, Joy Behar’s show is the next best step. Watch the interview below.

Star Jones/NeNe Leakes Feud: My Favorite Part So Far

On this week’s Celebrity Apprentice, the task was to create a commercial to promote a new RCN video phone. True to form, Star Jones and NeNe Leakes didn’t get along. In the video below, Star Jones coached NeNe on her presentation, and Star insisted that NeNe was “too sexy.” Star also kindly took the time to point out that she could have easily presented without NeNe’s help, but “she thinks it’s important to support and encourage her teammates to shine.” Man — Star Jones sure is charitable. Watch the exchange below.

Celebrity Apprentice Debuts — Star Jones v. Everyone?

It always shocks me when celebrities appear on reality shows and openly broadcast their bad behavior.  In the case of Star Jones, it’s especially surprising.  First, Jones has some major career cleanup to do after being fired from The View and subsequently bad-mouthing the staff.  You would think she’d make a considerable effort to appear agreeable — even if she has to lie to do so.  If you watched the most recent episode of The Apprentice, then you know that Star Jones and Dionne Warwick were exceptionally disagreeable.  The challenge was to draft a children’s book, and both Star and Dionne insisted that they receive writing credit on the book apart from the team’s general credit.  If you’re familiar with entertainment contracts, then you know that credit is a big deal in the industry, so it’s understandable that both Star and Dionne would be knowledgeable of receiving separate credit.  That being said, this is faux task on Celebrity Apprentice and not a legitimate book deal for a major studio.  Their immaturity was ridiculous, as was their condescending conversations with team leader, Lisa Rinna. That brings me to my favorite line of the episode, which came from Lisa Rinna when she said, “those bitches are not going to take me down.”