Dr. Drew Calls-Out Anna Nicole’s Doctor

Dr. Drew has an insane way of keeping his calm amongst crazies. Perhaps if he could bottle that skill and sell it, I’d be a much healthier person. If it were me sitting across the table from the man that prescribed medication to Anna Nicole Smith, listening to him wax-on about how she wasn’t technically a drug addict, and how he only partied with her once, I might reach across the table and strangle the guy. Not Dr. Drew though. Drew spouted a bunch of medical terminology that put Dr. Sandeep Kapoor in his place. Watch below.



Star Jones on Joy Behar — No More Bad Blood?

Star Jones appeared on Joy Behar’s HLN show to promote her new book, Satan’s Sisters, and I was shocked to discover that she appeared agreeable and friendly. I’ve been picking on Star Jones a lot lately, mostly due to her poor behavior on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. I was also shocked to discover that this interview took place at all. Star left The View in a very dramatic fashion, disclosing to the press that she was “fired” and announcing her departure before the producers had originally planned. Translation? — She pissed everyone off. Since then, she’s apparently become PR savvy, because everyone knows if you want to clear your image, you return to the scene of the crime. Since she’s likely banned from The View for eternity, Joy Behar’s show is the next best step. Watch the interview below.