Nicole Richie Isn’t Pregnant — But She’s Pissed

Have you ever congratulated someone on being pregnant, only to be embarrassingly told that you’re wrong?  It’s horrific, but the media has no problem doing it.  Nicole Richie issued a much-needed, scathing attack on the press today, saying that not only is she “not pregnant” but to “publicly point out a change in anyone’s body is mean-spirited and cruel.”  Kudos to Nicole for not only being smart enough to issue an articulate statement (unlike some other celebrities who will go unnamed), but for hopefully putting the kibosh on the practice of pointing out “baby bumps.”  Good thing I carry all my weight in my lower body and therefore don’t have this problem.  No one would dare ask me if I’m carrying a child in my ass.

2 thoughts on “Nicole Richie Isn’t Pregnant — But She’s Pissed”

  1. S’up dish?

    OK, one…. you write a blog, why are you leaving names out? I don’t advocate such practices, of course, and only come to this page because, of all celebrity discussion sites, this is the one that doesn’t slip into base reportage that impose the idea that celebrities are public property.

    So, it turns out I agree with you for not naming names. Who knew?

    Turns out there is no 2. I would say, however, that as the gutter press media takes yet another pathetic opportunity to run down the exhausted path of pointing out when someone in the spotlight fluctuates in weight by a pound or two, Nicole Richie actually looks so much the better for gaining some of the weight she lost.

    1. Well I can’t name names for obvious reasons. It’s sort of against my
      positive mantra to start pointing fingers at people that are actually really
      dumb. I don’t do it in life, and I won’t do it on the blog. I will;
      however, give credit where credit is due — and Nicole Richie is
      consistently able to speak in actual sentences. Major props to her. Sure
      my standards are low, but I’m certain she’s impressive.

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