Guiliana and Bill Rancic Finally Get Pregnant!

Though I take issue with Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s incessant need to publicize every element of their personal lives, I can still take a moment to congratulate the happy couple on their pregnancy. Watch below to see the moment they heard the news.
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Nicole Richie Isn’t Pregnant — But She’s Pissed

Have you ever congratulated someone on being pregnant, only to be embarrassingly told that you’re wrong?  It’s horrific, but the media has no problem doing it.  Nicole Richie issued a much-needed, scathing attack on the press today, saying that not only is she “not pregnant” but to “publicly point out a change in anyone’s body is mean-spirited and cruel.”  Kudos to Nicole for not only being smart enough to issue an articulate statement (unlike some other celebrities who will go unnamed), but for hopefully putting the kibosh on the practice of pointing out “baby bumps.”  Good thing I carry all my weight in my lower body and therefore don’t have this problem.  No one would dare ask me if I’m carrying a child in my ass.