Jesse James Bashes Sandra Bullock to Piers Morgan — Gigantic Douchebag?

Allow me to start this post by saying I’ve been in a lot of relationships with total douchebags, and I still don’t discuss the full extent of their douchebaggery. Why? — Because I’m a lady — and I have some class. And since I’m certain Sandra Bullock is nowhere near the douchebag that my exes were, can someone please explain what exactly is wrong with Jesse James? In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, James implied that Bullock was insincere about her love for him. When asked about Bullock’s public claim that her work improved after they met, James said that she “gave that speech at four different awards shows.” If that’s true, then why did he sit in the audience in his monkey suit with tearful eyes while accepted her Oscar? Here’s the bottom line: divorced or not, there’s a certain level of respect that you give the people you spent part of your life with. There’s a code — and he’s broken it.

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