THOR Press Conference — Recap and Review

When Chris Hemsworth entered the room for the Thor press conference last weekend, I was quickly told by a fellow journalist to “stop drooling,” at which point I told him not to “blow my cover.” The truth is — I was drooling. Hemsworth is certainly dreamy, and judging by his answers during the conference, he’s also a very nice guy. When asked how it feels to be the new summer hunk, Hemsworth humbly brushed it off, saying that he’s just happy to be a working actor.

Kat Dennings did not disappoint, serving as the comic relief on film and in person. Because she started off quiet, I thought she might have an attitude problem — but my feelings quickly changed when she was asked her first question. Before responding, she commented on the “phallic” shape of the microphone, which created quite the laugh. She also admitted that she thought no one would ask her anything, and she’d therefore have no choice but to “wing” her answers.

The most moving part of the hour came from Anthony Hopkins, who is just as charming and powerful in person as he is on screen. His opening scene in the film requires a great deal of acting chops, and Hopkins admitted that, if not for Kenneth Branaugh’s direction, he couldn’t have pulled it off, as he’s been “phoning it in” for the latter part of his career. To quote another journalist at the conference, if Hopkins has been “phoning it in,” then he’s an even better actor than we all originally thought.

I have to admit that I actually preferred the second panel, mostly because I’m secretly obsessed with Kenneth Branaugh, and if I had to choose between him and Chris Hemsworth, I’d take Kenneth (don’t tell anyone I said that). After all, without him, I would have failed my high school English test on Hamlet. Plus, the man is just sexy. That panel also included other writers including Zack Stentz, who profoundly shed some light on America’s obsession with Thor. He said that “if you strip Superman of his powers, he’s just a guy who gets his ass kicked at a bar.” But Thor can just kick-ass — hammer or not.

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