Jesse James Talks to Howard Stern about Sandra Bullock — Makes James Look Good

Jesse James stopped by Howard Stern today to promote his new book, American Outlaw, and true to form, Howard Stern made me like Jesse James. James shed light on his marriage, saying that he and Bullock were having problems, and their adopted son brought them closer together. Though James hadn’t cheated for 11 months at the time his affairs were revealed, Bullock left him immediately after she learned of his infidelity. He said that most normal marriages might have survived, but Bullock was under media pressure to dump him, and she caved. He also revealed his issues with Bullock’s acting career, saying that he found her naked movie scenes “weird,” especially since she was involved in the production process, and she was hand-picking the hottest actors to co-star with. He said he felt as if he was “in a box” during the course of their relationship, because he was unable to behave the way he normally would, given that he was so concerned about ruining his wife’s image in the press. My only major issue with the interview was at the end, when Howard Stern asked James who was better in bed, and he called it a “no-brainer,” saying that Kat Von D is 100% better. That might be true, but some things are better left unsaid. Damn you Howard Stern for making me like Jesse James again. Stern could make a tub of goo look like a diamond necklace.

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