Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels — The Fakest Show Ever

I just watched two episodes of ‘Gene Simmon’s Family Jewel’s’ (yes, you should feel sorry for me), and it’s safe to say it’s even faker than ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’ When I saw Shannon’s outburst on Joy Behar, I was convinced that they were actually having relationship issues. I must embarrassingly revoke my claim. Joaquin Phoenix once pretended to have a public meltdown, and he told Letterman he was trying to prove how easy it is to dupe people, because it’s shocking how easily people believe these reality shows, especially since reality stars are such terrible actors. The Simmons family is no exception. At one point Gene’s son confronts him about how he treated his mother, saying, “if someone hurt your mother what would you do?” It’s so histrionic that I actually looked away from the screen out of discomfort. I have to remind myself that Gene Simmons is a musician — not an actor.

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