Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Pictures Leaked — She’s Naked

When Marilyn Monroe appeared on the first issue of Playboy Magazine in 1953, it was revolutionary. Hugh Hefner battled against American’s puritanical values and brought sex into public conversation. But decades later, sex is everywhere. Actresses sexualize themselves to become popular, and almost every A-lister has graced a magazine cover nearly naked. So when Lindsay Lohan posed for Playboy Magazine, I wasn’t impressed. First, she’s already been naked numerous times, thereby decreasing my curiosity, and second, the pictures are heavily airbrushed. Unfortunately or fortunately, her career plummeted, and the Playboy shoot probably provided some much-needed cash. The end of an actresses career is very similar to the beginning — you take what you can get, because the offers are limited. So she did. And though she’s certainly pretty enough to pull this off – I find it generally boring.

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