George Clooney & David O. Russell End ‘Three Kings’ Feud

This was one of my favorite feuds in the history of Hollywood, and I am sad to see it end. This quarrel was particularly unique, because it didn’t just involve George Clooney — it involved other staff members on set. Here’s a brief summary of the feud, as written by The Dishmaster in one of my previous posts.

Clooney said Russell yelled at everyone on the set, including a camera car driver. Clooney confronted Russell, saying, “You can yell and scream and even fire him, but what you can’t do is humiliate him in front of people. Not on my set, if I have any say about it.” Russell then screamed at a second assistant director, who quit on the spot. Clooney addressed him again, saying, “you can’t shove, push or humiliate people who aren’t allowed to defend themselves.” Russell responded to Clooney’s criticism by challenging him to a fist fight, and the two men came to blows. Clooney “had him by the throat,” confessing that he was “going to kill him.”


Though they finally finished the movie, Clooney said it was “without exception, the worst experience of [his] life.” George Clooney finally buried the hatchet with his Three Kings director, David O. Russell, and I have to admit I’m slightly disappointed. According to Clooney, he “saw David a few weeks ago at a party… and [he] felt compelled to go over and go, ‘So, are we done?'” They both then squashed the feud. Clooney attributes the reconciliation with both parties “getting older.” Though it’s a nice story when people can put aside their differences, if I were Clooney, I wouldn’t have made the gesture unless I was certain that Russell has changed his on-set antics.

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