‘The Voice’: Did Adam Levine Abandon Javier Colon?

NBC has two seasons to make the winners of The Voice into huge stars and after that, they will lose all credibility. American Idol may be threatened by The Voice, but Idol has made some of the biggest stars in history and it is therefore more than just a talent show. So this brings me to a very important question: What happened to Javier Colon? Where is he? Why isn’t he booked on late night shows singing a hit single? When is his album coming out? And most importantly — why the fu*k isn’t Adam Levine doing anything to propel his career? Adam appeared on Howard Stern yesterday and mentioned Colon, saying that he’s trying to help him, and Colon is “struggling.” He also made a moderately condescending remark about how the winners have to take their career by the reigns after the show is finished. Perhaps he should look to Blake Shelton who took Dia Frampton on his tour. You don’t get to sit on your throne touting that you “won” season one, especially when the contestant you won with can’t sustain a career.

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