Lisa Lampanelli Calls Dayana Mendoza a “Sp*c” — Bigot?

I’ve had it with Lisa Lampanelli. I’ll give comedians artistic license, but there’s a definitive line in the sand that cannot be crossed, and Lisa Lampanelli crossed it when she called Dayana Mendoza a “spic.” First, if the tables were turned and the word kike was used, I’d be equally appalled. Second, there’s nothing funny about bigoted humor anymore (see Andrew Dice Clay), and picking on people for being “stupid” amounts to the type of bullying that our country is currently rallying to prevent. It’s unacceptable. And though Lisa Lampanelli is an easy target to retaliate against, I will refrain. Listen to the clip below.

3 thoughts on “Lisa Lampanelli Calls Dayana Mendoza a “Sp*c” — Bigot?”

  1. Lisa Lampanelli —I am your worst nightmare. I am an intelligent ,educated ,well liked puerto rican woman. Or shall I say “spic”? I have tweeted about you and your bigoted remarks .I have been on facebook ranting about what a lying vindictive bitch you have been to everyone. Do you not realize that “The Don” sees everything you say in your little private talks? You cannot take it when someone has anything at all to say about you. You claim that you are an intelligent woman. An intelligent woman in the public eye (whose career places her in the public eye)
    has stupidly insulted an entire race in the media. I do not care if you are a friend to gays ,lesbians ,transvestites or drag queens. You need to realize that they may also be hispanic , black, asian or any other ethnic group that is not yours. You may use comments in your comedy act but the racial remarks you made on the radio show with Mike about Dayana being a spic and will be pregnant next week was pure racism and not part of a comedy act. I hope you experience what I experience everytime i hear you make a racial remark-anger  and pity for a stupid woman. You elicit such hatred from me . I have not felt so much animosity for a person in my life. I truly want to just knock the shit out of you, I would love to be able to belittle you and bully you in public just so you can experience the feelings that you yourself cause others to feel.

    1. I like the majority of what you have to say excluding the profanity.   Don’t lower yourself to Lisa’s level.  I am an African American woman and I am appalled with Lisa’s behavior.  I think there needs to be a public outcry over this woman’s comments.  Where are the protestors?  I think Dayana has so much class and is beautiful inside and out and I am happy that she is not lowering her standards to Lisa’s.  I also think that Mr. Trump needs to speak up about this horrible behavior or else it appeaers that he condones it.

  2. racial slurs an bullying are HATE CRIMES…why isnt lisa in jail or
    being sued??? if i was in public an called lumpanelli a f’ing losing
    pollock  i bet she will sue me. trump allows bullying so i lost all respect for him and his show

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