Lisa Lampanelli v. Dayana Mendoza — Lampanelli is a Vicious Bully

Lisa Lampanelli’s behavior on Celebrity Apprentice placed her on my Dishmaster shit-list, and her despicable attacks on Dayana Mendoza during Sunday’s episode solidified that status for eternity. I actually think Lampanelli is a bigot, and the language barrier between her and Mendoza is what breeds Lampanelli’s assertions that Mendoza is “stupid.” Translation? — She’s vicious, and it’s unacceptable. I’m shocked that no one told-off Lampanelli in the clip below. In fact, I think she needs medication.

2 thoughts on “Lisa Lampanelli v. Dayana Mendoza — Lampanelli is a Vicious Bully”

  1. Yes she is a despicable human being. And obviously Trump has kept her around for the “shock and awe” factor. Sdaly she must be good for the ratings because she isnt very good for anything else!

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