Emily Maynard Chooses Jef — Arie Moves On

I’m rooting for Jef and Emily, but I’ve been through too many failed relationships on this darn show to get overly excited. The most interesting part of the ‘After the Final Rose,’ was the revelation that Arie flew to Emily’s hometown to have a conversation with her off-camera, but he left his journal on her doorstep instead of seeing her. Maynard didn’t read the journal, and Arie rightfully said she should have rejected it upon arrival instead of leading him to believe she’d read it. Maynard confessed she’s not good at rejecting people, and she should have been more blunt, because she now knows it would have helped him move on. Though I felt terrible for Arie, something tells me he’ll be the next Bachelor. As for whether Jef and Emily will actually tie the knot, the Jane Austen in me is holding out a shred of hope. To be continued . . . .

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