Kristen Stewart Wore Robert Pattinson’s Hat While Cheating — OMFG!

Of all the details surrounding Kristen Stewart’s unfaithful escapades, the biggest affront of all has yet to be highlighted with the attention it deserves. So here goes: Kristen Stewart wore Robert Pattinson’s hat while she cheated on him. I know Rupert Sanders had a wife and children, and that surely made the list, but cheating always makes me ask the inevitable Dishmaster question: Are you or are you not a sociopath? Would Kristen Stewart have confessed her infidelity had the tabloids not caught her? Would she have continued her relationship, pretending as if nothing was wrong? And how much of Robert Pattinson’s reality did she destroy? But of all those hard-hitting questions, the biggest one still remains: When she walked over to her closet to find an incognito uniform to evade the paparazzi, how could she grab her boyfriend’s hat and live with herself?

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