American Idol Wanted to Sack Mariah for JLO?! Say It Ain’t So!!!!

20130405-155445.jpgA new report from The Hollywood Reporter indicates that American Idol producers recently scrambled to oust Mariah Carey mid-season and replace her with the recently departed Jennifer Lopez. I find this particularly interesting, especially considering the real ratings threat comes from Nicki Minaj, but perhaps the producers feel the opposite. And since Mariah comes with a hefty cost, I suppose it makes sense to can her. That being said, she’d still have to be paid out for the remainder of the season, so cost-cutting can’t be the real motivation. Perhaps she is in fact a behind-the-scenes diva and they’re done with her? Given her recent comments about “the powers that be” over at FOX, it’s not a shocking theory. Whether it’s true or not, that show better act fast. Because star-power is clearly not what’s missing.

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