The Demise of Kanye West — What Went Wrong?

Hollywood gives all its players a chance to re-live high school . . . the good way. Everyone has six degrees of separation, and that includes A-listers. If you emit disrespect in any capacity — word gets around. Shockingly, this close click of insiders tell me that Kanye West is actually a nice guy. Though it’s seemingly shocking at first glance, further inquiry sheds some light on his current darkness. In short? The man can’t handle the media.

With every attack, Kanye trades humility for haughtiness, pounding his chest while screaming about his world domination. My arm-chair psychology degree tells me that the man is simply insecure, and with each jab, he throws a boulder. His recent outrage surrounds Jimmy Kimmel, who made fun of the rapper’s recent BBC 1 interview (see below), using children to reenact his pompous declarations. I can only assume Kimmel thought of children because Kanye was in fact acting like a spoiled child, whining about his legos while slamming the floor.

Many people speculate that Kanye’s demise began with his mother’s passing, assuming she reeled in these rants. Since then, it can also be assumed that he’s surrounded himself with “yes-men,” and only agrees to do interviews where he may speak freely (he was sandbagged by Matt Lauer — and never quite recovered). My advice to Kanye West is to dismantle his twitter, find some real friends to reign him in, and to host Saturday Night Live. If that doesn’t work — call Alec Baldwin. He’s a master at cleaning up his temper tantrums — and Kanye can learn a thing or two.

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