Vanity Fair v. Gwyneth Paltrow — They’re Exposing What?!

GwynethPaltrowSensuous_croppedPublic forums provide wonderful opportunities to downsize the evil elite, and I take great pride in choosing my subjects wisely. That standard usually involves bad behavior, with a specific focus on one’s treatment of others. But I have my limits. Having lived in the business for many years, you might be astounded by the level of juicy gossip I’ve heard about Hollywood’s A-listers, and the extent to which I’ve kept that information private. Why? Because I launched this site with moral integrity, and exposing someone’s drug addiction, impending divorce, or mental heath issues would send me straight to the hell I envision exists for other bloggers. And sometimes — that hell extends beyond bloggers, and transfers to magazines. Today’s target is Vanity Fair, who’s allegedly planning a take-down piece on Gwyneth Paltrow, which includes an inquiry into whether she cheated on her husband. When I read these rumors, I was immediately reminded of the rage I felt regarding their Tom Cruise piece, which involved the same level of disgusting probes into the actor’s privacy. Is an actor’s personal life anyone’s business? While they might invite inquiry after jumping on a couch or two, does that justify an extensive pile of hurtful propaganda, especially when there is children involved? Someone is going to hell in a hand basket, and I’ll gladly start gathering the bamboo (it will burn fast).

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