Gwyneth Paltrow on Howard Stern: Talks Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, & Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow’s PR team just scored a major win with her appearance on Howard Stern, because the notoriously uptight A-lister finally let her hair down for a revealing, fun chat. Paltrow discussed her famous power-couple pairings with ease, telling Stern about her relationships with Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, and Chris Martin, Amongst the enlightening revelations were Paltrow’s declaration that Pitt was “too good for her,” Affleck was “not in a good place in his life,” and Martin is still a great friend. She also reflected on her close relationship with her father and her dad’s devastation over her Brad breakup. Listen to a very entertaining hour below.

Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Separate — Why is she Unlikable?

20140401-164851.jpgGwyneth Paltrow has long struggled with her likability, and her divorce announcement fanned the flames. While she might attribute the prickly reaction to a heartless public, this code is easy to crack. Paltrow didn’t just announce her split, she published an accompanying article on her GOOP website explaining the term, “conscious uncoupling,” in depth. In fact, there’s so much depth I nearly fell asleep on paragraph four. Read a select gem below.

The truth is, the only thing any of us have is today. Beyond that, there are no guarantees. The idea of being married to one person for life is too much pressure for anyone. In fact, it would be interesting to see how much easier couples might commit to each other by thinking of their relationship in terms of daily renewal instead of a lifetime investment. This is probably the reason why so many people say their long-term relationships changed overnight, once they got married. The people didn’t change, but the expectation did.

The REAL truth is, relationships are private. There’s no formula for its success, and there’s certainly no formula for its failure. It’s easy to malign the institution merely because your personal marriage ended, but it’s also arrogant. To assume you have any inside awareness of an objective relationship truth, is obnoxious. I’m surprised Gwyneth’s team didn’t get their hands on this in time to block it. It’s ridiculous.

George Clooney v. Gwyneth Paltrow v. Vanity Fair — OUCH

In an effort to annihilate her haters, Gwyneth Paltrow garnered some more. For months it’s been rumored that Vanity Fair will run a “take down” piece on Paltrow, which will focus on why the public likes to pounce on the star and why her likability leaves a little to be desired. While I find the interest entirely confusing (i.e. WHO CARES), Paltrow’s reaction is more notable, given that she emailed everyone in Hollywood to bully them into boycotting the magazine altogether. That list allegedly included George Clooney, who objected to be dragged into her mess. Watch Clooney poke fun at Paltrow during his Vanity Fair shoot, and watch Julia Roberts’ very hilarious reaction.

Vanity Fair v. Gwyneth Paltrow — They’re Exposing What?!

GwynethPaltrowSensuous_croppedPublic forums provide wonderful opportunities to downsize the evil elite, and I take great pride in choosing my subjects wisely. That standard usually involves bad behavior, with a specific focus on one’s treatment of others. But I have my limits. Having lived in the business for many years, you might be astounded by the level of juicy gossip I’ve heard about Hollywood’s A-listers, and the extent to which I’ve kept that information private. Why? Because I launched this site with moral integrity, and exposing someone’s drug addiction, impending divorce, or mental heath issues would send me straight to the hell I envision exists for other bloggers. And sometimes — that hell extends beyond bloggers, and transfers to magazines. Today’s target is Vanity Fair, who’s allegedly planning a take-down piece on Gwyneth Paltrow, which includes an inquiry into whether she cheated on her husband. When I read these rumors, I was immediately reminded of the rage I felt regarding their Tom Cruise piece, which involved the same level of disgusting probes into the actor’s privacy. Is an actor’s personal life anyone’s business? While they might invite inquiry after jumping on a couch or two, does that justify an extensive pile of hurtful propaganda, especially when there is children involved? Someone is going to hell in a hand basket, and I’ll gladly start gathering the bamboo (it will burn fast).

Quote of the Day — Gwyneth Paltrow Still Bathes With Her Kids

“I’ll continue to bathe with my daughter until she’s an adult if she so wishes. I want her to be comfortable with her body, and the best way to encourage that is to show her I’m comfortable with mine.” Gwyneth Paltrow tells Harper’s Bazaar about her decision to bathe with her seven year old daughter.

Movie Review: Country Strong

I delayed seeing this film, because the trailer made it look cheesy and ridiculous. On a whim I watched it, and it was shockingly good. The film follows the career of Kelly Canter, a country music superstar, played by Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s been to rehab multiple times, and her husband, James Canter (Tim McGraw), takes her out of rehab early so she can continue her tour. Garrett Hedlund plays her “sponsor,” and he objects to Canter’s early release, partly because she isn’t ready and partly because they’ve been carrying on an affair in rehab, and he doesn’t want her to leave. Canter wants him close, so she tells her husband she wants him as her opening act on tour. Her husband complies, but only if he shares the stage with Chiles Stanton (Leighton Meester), a very pretty and talented aspiring country music star. Though I was impressed with all the actors in the film, I was particularly impressed with Tim McGraw, who I couldn’t decide whether to love or hate throughout the entire film. It’s clear much he loves his wife, despite the way he mistreats her.  It’s also clear how much Beau loves his wife, so it’s impossible to predict the end result.  Until the last twenty minutes, I had no idea who the characters would end up with.  It’s the least predictable romantic movie I’ve ever seen.

Dina Lohan Needs to Lighten Up — Pissed at Glee

The first thing Lindsay Lohan needs to do when she exits rehab is fire her mother, Dina Lohan, as her manager.  She perpetuates Lindsay’s negative image in the press, by continually discussing her daughter’s issues.  Lindsay would have a much better chance of rehabilitating (no pun intended) her career if her mother would zip-it.  On this week’s Glee, Gwyneth Paltrow’s character discussed Lindsay’s rehab stints while teaching her Spanish class.  The bit was funny, and Lohan’s camp should laugh it off.  Unfortunately for Lindsay, her camp includes her horrendous mother, who is threatening to sue Glee for defamation.  Allow me to put this esquire thing to use for just one second — it’s not defamation to call someone “loca.”  So get over it Dina. Watch the clip below to see what all the fuss is about.

Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee — I’m Officially a Lesbian

Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance on Glee was a defining moment in her career (and no, I’m not exaggerating). She’s a respected film actress that demands major Hollywood bucks, and yet this is my favorite role of her entire career. Why? Because she sang, she danced, and most importantly, she let her hair down. Paltrow has always come across in the press as guarded and frigid, almost bordering on curmudgeon. After last night, I’ve officially changed that classification. She stole the show, and proved an incredible range of talent. Her presence was so striking, I would even say that she might have stolen the show for good. Where do you go from here? Do you snag her as a series regular, and keep her story-line going? Though I’d say yes (and apparently Ryan Murphy is working that out as we speak), she’s definitely upped the ante to a point of no return. Watch her sing Cee-Lo’s Forget You below. It’s already number one on Itunes — she’s blowing up the charts!

Gwyneth Paltrow Sings at the CMAs — Proves She’s a Contender

I’m the perfect person to judge Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance at the Country Music Awards.  Why?  Because I love country music, and I’m not a fan of the movie star/singer cross-over.  Having said that, she was fantastic.  You’ll often see actors try to sing in movies, and it’s obvious how over-produced the music is.  But movie studios always prefer to have their actors sing in the movie, because they know the audience favorably responds.  I usually hate the end result, but Gwyneth Paltrow is an exception.  She can actually sing.  And I’m not just talking about “passing the test.”  She sang live at the Country Music Awards and she not only pulled it off, but she sounded fantastic.  She was obviously nervous, which is understandable considering country music fans are often very particular about letting you in their club.  Watch below.