American Idol Hits Ratings Low — An Inside Look at What Went Wrong

Many entertainment outlets have widely reported on the decline of American Idol, with The Voice now taking the talent-show crown. While viewer fatigue might explain the end of an era, there has to more. First, this year’s judging panel is the best in years, so it can’t be the cast. Can it be the contestants? American Idol eliminated an essential component of previous years, moving up the start date during “Rush Week.” It’s possible this served to freshen the format, but it also threw the contestants into the deep end of the pool too soon. As a result, the top picks are much less polished. In fact, there’s really no standout performer to take the top spot. This failing can also be attributed to the judges who picked these players to place in the coveted live shows. And though Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban are proven powerhouses in the industry with incredible inside knowledge of music, that doesn’t mean they are adept at A&R. Actually, The Voice is also guilty of this critique, given that after multiple seasons on the air, they have yet to find a star. Simon Cowell might have been liked for his caustic barbs, but he also has a proven A&R track record, which might explain why American Idol has produced a wide array of big-name talent through the years (see Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, and more). And since he’s also responsible for assembling One Direction, it’s clear the man’s still got it. As for whether the show can be saved, I don’t have a solution other than to suggest the format is still not fresh enough in a now-competitive environment. Plus, these singers simply aren’t good enough. Watch the videos below to see the only singers that stand a chance.

Alex Preston – Every Breath You Take – American… by IdolxMuzic

Sam Woolf – Time After Time – American Idol 13… by IdolxMuzic

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