Lindsay Lohan Had a Miscarriage — SAY WHAT?!

Lindsay Lohan is notorious for her litany of excuses, and the revelation about her miscarriage is no exception. Though empathy is important, the notorious tales about her unprofessional behavior cannot be undone with such devastating news, especially given that she never even divulged her health problems. In fact, there’s many ways to communicate an inability to perform while still protecting one’s private life. And on top of that, she admitted in the same package that she took Ayahuasca, a known psychedelic hallucinogen. Sure it’s a plant, but so is marijuana. In conclusion, I’d like to say that Lindsay Lohan’s recovery is still in a TBD status. As for whether she’ll have a true “comeback,” there’s always hope. And I’m rooting for her (pun intended).

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