Porsha Williams Attacks Kenya Moore — Everyone’s an A**-HOLE

It’s easy to win your war of the words when things turn violent. Of course the other person is at fault when fisticuffs ensue, right? So when Portia Stewart pulled Kenya Moore’s “hair” during the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, the tabloid media took her down. “Violence is never okay,” said host Andy Cohen in a behind the scenes discussion that conveniently took place in front of the cameras. Stewart was arrested for the event and Cohen feels she owes Moore an apology. But all this insane nonsense ignores the elephant in the room. WHERE’S MY APOLOGY? For years Andy Cohen and the buffoons at Bravo have continued promoting a disgusting show with disgusting women whose diva antics are celebrated on every mainstream outlet imaginable. Their tits are fake, their tirades are toxic, and their livelihood is compromised for a smidgen of fame and a small paycheck. Get a real job, get a real life, and green-light a good show for once. I’ve had it.

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